Barley Wine XO

Barley Wine



Gourmet bottled beer aged in Armagnac casks during a period of minimum 6 months (Barley wine), refermented in bottle.


Water, Malt barley, Hops, Yeast, Sugar.


The Binchoise XO is a unique beer that never ceases to seduce the amateurs of always or newly conquered by this true testimony of the passion and the know-how of our Master-Brewer, Bruno De Ghorain. It is served as an aperitif, at the time of the cheese (it accompanies marvellously the blue cheeses) and at the time of the dessert where it will sublimate your so chocolate.

Barley Wine XO


Appearance :

irst of all, the eye will be delighted by the beauty of the bottle in which the XO is delivered. Original and mysterious, it intrigues as much as it fascinates the amateurs who meet it for the first time. The dress of the XO is amber, pulling lightly on a caramel or oak wood and delicately veiled, signing the refermentation in the bottle. The bubbles form a fountain in the center of the glass while a beige and creamy foam superbly covers the whole.

Nose :

The aromas are fresh plum with a very slight notion of caramelized sugar. The volume is silky in the end.

Taste :

The first sip is on the oak wood and the white plum. The back of the mouth is on the Armagnac, the barrel with a thin touch of fine spices. The second o ers a light tip of co ee, cognac and orange peel. The back of the mouth o ers a little bit of brown sugar. The 3rd goes to a very complex equilibrium where the ripe fruits have the good part, with oak of a barrel of 4 to 5 years. The length is uncompromising, perfect and silky. Alcohol is gradual, but reveals all its ardour. The yeast is sweet and honey, perfect for the subject. The final is ample and masterful.