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We are proud to present the new label for our Bière des Ours (Bears’ beer), a beer we have been brewing in Binche since 1995 (it was awarded the gold medal at the World Beer Championships back then).
Bière des Ours

La Binchoise Xo

Gourmet bottled beer aged in Armagnac casks during a period of minimum 6 months (Barley wine), refermented in bottle. The Binchoise XO is a unique beer that never ceases to seduce the amateurs of always or newly conquered by this true testimony of the passion and the know-how of our Master-Brewer, Bruno De Ghorain.
La Binchoise XO

The Hops harvest

The harvesting of hops has just ended. Bruno Deghorain, our master  brewer, was visiting Luc Lagache, our supplier of 100% Belgian products. Favoring local supplier is also something  we want to encourage at La Binchoise brewery.
Hops harvest - La Binchoise
The Story of

The Brewery

Since 1836, beer has been brewed in Faubourg Saint-Paul. This ideal location on the banks of the Samme river has seen brewers and maltsters take turns in the buildings where the brewery now stands.
Story La Binchoise
Story La Binchoise
Story La Binchoise Brewery


Our restaurant

Restaurant La Binchoise