Bonne Espérance

La Binchoise

Bonne Espérance


Triple Abbey beer, refermented in bottle, filtered.


Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast, Sugar.


Abbey beer with intense pleasure, the Bonne Espérance is enjoyed as an aperitif, accompanied by small cubes of cheese ...

Bonne Espérance


Appearance :

Beautiful coppery dress. A white and generous foam comes to coat the whole harmoniously.

Nose :

The nose of the Bonne Espérance is distinguished by malted aromas, candied fruits and yeast.

Taste :

From the first sip, the Bonne Espérance expresses the sweetness of the candy sugar and the honey reinforced by the heat of the alcohol. Bitterness is present, but gentle. Light and pleasant, it can be distinguished from many other abbey beers thanks to a great drinkability.