Organic Triple

La Binchoise

Organic Triple


Triple blond beer, unfiltered, refermented in bottle, natural, of high density, warm and aromatic.


Water, Barley malt*, Hops*, Yeast, Sugar*


Gourmet bottled beer by excellence, the Organic Triple unveils a unique character in the world of Belgian triple beers. It is above all an appetizer beer that will be accompanied willingly with delicatessen or delicious abbey cheeses.

Organic Triple


Appearance :

Blonde dress, cloudy and dense contrasting with the sharp whiteness of the foam

Nose :

The nose delivers subtle aromas of spicy and floral hops, typical of Belgian know-how. Present as it should be, the aromas produced by the yeast assert themselves and invite without further delay to the first sip.

Taste :

The high density of the Organic Triple gushes from the first sip. Beer of Belgian tradition by excellence, its average bitterness balances perfectly well with the richness of its taste of cereals.