The brewery


The story

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Since 1836, beer has been brewed in Faubourg Saint-Paul. This ideal location on the banks of the Samme river has seen brewers and maltsters take turns in the buildings where the brewery now stands. August 26, 1836, André Joseph Pourbaix, son of Amand Fidèle Pourbaix, who worked as a brewer in Binche from 1810 to 1826.

The brewing


La Binchoise beer requires a long brewing process of no less than 9 steps before we obtain a final product that can be tasted. The first step is the MILLING. Malt grains are milled in a flourmill, in order to extract the flour they contain, and are then transferred to the mash tun, where they will be mixed with hot water…


The hop

Concerned as we are about quality and about the “from-farm-to-table” approach, we make a point of favouring local producers and suppliers. Comines-Warneton is a town landlocked between France and the Flanders, but it is nevertheless part of the Hainaut province...

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