Ours Classic




Triple beer with honey, unfiltered, refermented in bottle, natural, of high density, warm and aromatic. Sweet but unsweetened, the Bière des Ours draws its unique character from the three essences of honey selected by our Master Brewer.


Water, Barley malt, Hops, Yeast, Honey


When the beer ripens, the taste of honey strengthens and brings a roundness without residual sugar thanks to the refermentation in bottle. The most valorous readily make it a party beer especially served on tap.

Ours Classic


Appearance :

The Bière des Ours delights the eye by its golden robe. The foam is fine, the bubble abundant and light.

Nose :

The nose is an example of balance between the floral aromas of honey and the malted ones of barley.

Taste :

Its powerful aroma reveals fruity and honeyed flavors that invade the palate. With a fine bitterness, sweetness dominates. With a good length in the mouth, the 8% alcohol is progressively unvealed during the tasting.